McCarran announces Concept No. 3 with designer David Carson

McCarran may have just been a huge success in collaboration with Sir Peter Blake, but the Scottish distillery is not yet a day with creative supporters.

This time around, the renowned brand has joined David Carson, a visionary graphic designer with an unconventional, experimental style that revolutionized the American graphic design scene in the 1990s.

Since then, he has led the world’s largest name campaigns such as Nike, Levis, Pepsi and Ray-Ban, and two graphic designers selected by Apple as part of the iconic “30 Most Innovative Users” list. Was one of them.

David carson

Today, his artistry lies on a very different canvas. Macallan Concept No.3. To this end, Carson went to a 485-acre site at a distillery in Speyside, Scotland, and worked with McCarran whiskey maker Polly Logan to learn everything. You need to know about the brand.

Of course, there were many similarities in each approach to crafts. Both are constantly driven by evolution, for example, giving different purposes to all elements of the work.

And the third and final expression of Macallan in the series is the pinnacle of two creators pursuing creative excellence. McCarran Concept No. 3 shows that Carson’s handmade collage design has a special touch that reflects a common perspective.

If you look closely, many of the colors used are inspired by the Macallan Estate, with blue representing the River Spey and red representing the sherry season oak barrels that define much of the single malt. Also, as a homage to Logan’s name, the letter “P” will appear in the design.

Macallan whiskey maker Polly Logan.

In return, Logan also had Carson in mind when making whiskey. This synergistic effect resulted in a warm, golden, very fresh whiskey named California Gold. The colors are also inspired by the time of graphic designers and former professional surfers on the West Coast of the United States. Even the alcohol content of whiskey wasn’t accidentally left to us — it’s especially made to be 40.8% because the pair’s favorite number is eight.

“Whiskey and art enthusiasts appreciate the subtle balance achieved in this wonderfully uplifting expression, combining fruity notes of pears with warm cinnamon spices and the sweetness of creamy vanilla,” she said. Told.

Expect rich complexity to show through, even though it’s lighter in color than the other Macallan counterparts. This is because Logan used American oak casks, mainly seasoned with the first filled sherry for sweetness and spices, but also incorporated European oak casks for richness and depth. We used carefully selected refills and virgin oak barrels to balance everything and increase freshness.

This fascinating whiskey requires a presentation box as well as eye-catching. Carson’s unique design is used not only in Concept No. 3 labels, but also in collectible presentation boxes.

Since this is limited to global travel retailers, Macallan Concept No. 3 has a retail price of 700ml at Singapore Changi Airport Terminals 1 and 3 and Lotte Duty Free Wine and Spirits Store in the Departure Hall S $ 199 It will be sold exclusively at.

We hope that travel restrictions will be relaxed soon.

McCarran announces Concept No. 3 with designer David Carson

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