Marriage counseling and family therapy in Singapore

Whether you’re mourning the loss of life before COVID, trying to adapt to your new home, or trying to maintain a healthy relationship with your spouse, you may have reached the limit. Fortunately, there are specialists who can help you, from grief and family therapy to childbirth and marriage counseling. Here, four counseling practices shed light on the benefits of treatment in Singapore and some of the most common struggles and mental health issues currently being seen in expatriate communities.

Impossible psychological services

This counseling practice specializes in individualized psychotherapy, couple and marriage counseling, family therapy, and psychological evaluation for adults, teens, and children over the age of eight. A team of qualified psychologists and counselors work with patients to overcome all kinds of life challenges, from family conflicts, anxieties, sadness and loss to children’s behavioral problems, addictions and infidelity. ..

Anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges

Depression, anxiety disorders, and relationship issues are at the top of the list these days, says MUHAMMAD HAIKAL BIN JAMIL. Haikal is a senior clinical psychologist and founder of ImPossible Psychological Services.

To solve these challenges, various treatment techniques are incorporated to meet the needs of individual patients. For his own client, Heikal used schema therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), choice theory and reality therapy (CTRT), and mindfulness techniques to uncover the client’s underlying problems. Help clients build the right skills to tackle those challenges.

This process may take some time, but Heikal says he and his team are there at every stage. In fact, Heikal sees the journey of treatment as a partnership. His role is to empower the patient to recognize and remove the obstacles to life that impede growth.

“The mental health challenges we face don’t usually happen overnight. Rather, they’re built over the years and are caused by highly stressful events,” says Heikal. increase. “The counseling process helps clients understand and develop effective cognitive and coping strategies, which can help them overcome the challenges they face.”

Impossible psychological services
360A Joo Chiat Road
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Counseling Connect

If you are looking for therapy in Singapore, this counseling practice provides a safe place for individuals to find balance, empowerment, independence and direction in their lives. A team of certified counselors use a wide range of techniques to provide emotional and mental health support to individuals of all ages who are suffering from a variety of challenges. Areas of expertise include acceptance & commitment therapy, depression, anxiety, burnout, change and life transitions, coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy, fertility and pregnancy support, marriage counseling, family therapy, sadness and loss, trauma and stress management. It is included.

Grief for someone’s loss – or something

The Counseling Connect team consists of coaches and counselors with a special interest in trauma, sadness and loss, and childbirth. And they have a deep experience supporting couples who have experienced baby loss. Recently, they have seen more patients suffering loss than ever before. Many of their patients have experienced the loss of their loved ones over the past year and a half, but have been unable to travel to attend the funeral. This leaves them with a challenge to deal with their grief from a distance.

In addition to physical loss, many people are now struggling to mourn their pre-COVID life. Everyday life, regular trips to meet friends and family, and other future plans. This abstract loss can be as painful as a physical loss.

But no matter what you’re sad about, whether it’s someone or something, it’s likely to be a time-consuming process to deploy and not the same every day. Support from friends is extremely valuable, but Counseling Connects says that the help of a trained therapist may be more appropriate for feelings of very deep “stuck” sadness that never disappear. say.

Counseling Connect
# 09-01 Scotts Medical Sweets, 9 Scotts Road

Whitecanvas therapy

REBECCA VERSOLATO is a psychoanalyst, registered counselor and director of Whitecanvas Therapy in Singapore. She works with individuals, couples, families, teenagers, and older children who are facing problems of all kinds. These range from family therapy and parental issues, marital intimacy, infidelity, anxiety and fear to life transitions, difficulty in self-esteem, sadness and loss, medical and health concerns, and LGBT counseling.

Increased marriage counseling and couple therapy

Almost two years after the COVID crisis, Rebecca sees changes among patients in the clinical setting. “Previously, I worked with clients who were affected by fears of their own health and the health of their families. See how they adapt to work and research during isolation in more survival modes. Now we are undoubtedly seeing more desperate predictions of the future and feelings of fatigue from living inside and outside the limits, “she says.

For this reason, she has seen a significant increase in demand for marriage counseling and couple therapy in Singapore.

Marriage counseling singapore

“People are not accustomed to this lack of boundaries when it comes to working from home or raising children in a tedious routine. Emotional relationships, intimacy, eroticism, mutual gratitude and others. There is less awareness of the qualities of the child, which increases tension. “

In addition to exploring the dynamics of relationships and using a psychoanalytic background to identify patterns, Rebecca uses the Gottman method, Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couple Therapy (EFT), and as much as possible for couples. Incorporate important elements from other technologies that help achieve the best results.

“Counseling, especially within a psychodynamic or psychoanalytic approach, is a good way to understand what has recently influenced many of our relationships with ourselves. Through consideration, we can identify new solutions. We can better understand the feelings of anxiety, dissatisfaction, sadness, and loss that we all are experiencing. “

Whitecanvas therapy
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Cyc Connect

Founded by clinical psychologist DR SANVEEN KANG, this professional psychology clinic helps families manage all types of mental health problems and provides comprehensive psychological testing and treatment in Singapore from the age of 2 to early adulthood. To do.

Dr. Kang and her team face emotional, interpersonal, behavioral, and academic challenges, from specific phobias, self-harm, and eating disorders to sleep disorders, attachment disorders, and gender identity. We have many years of experience working with children, teens and even adults. There is a problem, to name a few. Psych Connect therapists have worked in a variety of national and international public and private medical contexts. As such, they are sensitive to the personal and cultural needs of both Singaporeans and foreigners.

Mental health issues

Interpersonal Challenges – How Counseling Can Help

In recent months, Dr. Kang has increased the number of patients with depression and anxiety, as well as social anxiety and selective mutism, as well as physiological disorders such as abdominal pain, headache and vomiting. She has also seen a significant increase in interpersonal problems and emotional dysregulation – managing emotional responses or keeping them within the bounds of traditionally accepted emotional responses. What you can’t do. The problem of adjusting emotions can be externalized in the form of behavior. She explains that this can pose significant challenges to interpersonal relationships, family dynamics, work performance, and quality of life.

Dr. Kang and her team will find ways for patients to cope with life’s challenges through psychotherapy focused on understanding the factors that led to their current experience and learning the skills to navigate them.

“The purpose of counseling is to help people face adversity and control their lives,” she says. “Most of our clinicians are trained in multiple treatments. They choose modality based on the individual needs of their clients. For example, treatment is not limited to speaking. You can also work with your children using movement, play and art. “

Cyc Connect
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Marriage counseling and family therapy in Singapore

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