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New Delhi Indian police are investigating a fraud suspect who allegedly bribed an employee to fix records and stayed at a five-star hotel without paying for nearly two years, local media said Thursday. reported to

Ankush Dutta had booked a room at the Roseate House Hotel in New Delhi on May 30, 2019 and was due to check out the next day.

However, he extended his stay by 603 nights until his departure on 22 January 2021, leaving US$70,000 (SGD94,000) unpaid.

The police complaint, cited by The Indian Express, said that “accounts were tampered with to hide actual unpaid membership fees.”

Hotel owners have also accused several employees of collusion, counterfeiting and fraud with police, and officials suspect employees were being bribed to manipulate their company’s software systems. said there is.

A representative for Roseate House could not immediately be reached for comment. -AFPMore Man stays free for 2 years at luxury hotel in India, latest world news

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