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KUALA LUMPUR – Short-term, low-cost and highly effective solutions are being implemented to prepare for flooding during next month’s northeast monsoon season, said Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Mann, Malaysia’s Minister of Environment and Water. I was.

He said this would include maintaining drainage, deepening rivers and raising riverbanks to reduce the impact of flooding.

Among other things, the Department of Irrigation and Drainage has prepared 284 pumps, 203 vehicles, 35 boats, 995 telemetry stations in Peninsular Malaysia and 317 telemetry stations in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan.

There are also 526 warning sirens, 77 cameras, 605 river gauges and 966 area gauges to measure flood depth.

“Through the implementation of the Flood Mitigation Plan (RTB), the government’s long-term measures to reduce the risk of flooding across the country will continue.

Datuk Seri Ibrahim told the House of Commons on Wednesday that a total of 100 RTB projects worth RM10.53 billion (S$3.23 billion) have been approved under the 12th Malaysia Plan and implemented nationwide. I have,” he said.

Tuan Ibrahim said the implementation of the RTB project will increase the number of people and areas protected from the effects of floods.

Raub MP Tengku Zulpuri Raja, who wanted to know the plans and precautionary measures taken by the federal government to face potential catastrophic flooding in the face of La Niña, northeast monsoons and heavier than usual rainfall, said Raub MP Tengku Zulpuri Raja. I was answering questions from Puji. .

Tuan Ibrahim said non-structural approaches in flood management planning such as flood forecasting and warning programs are also being implemented.

The third phase of the program, which will cost RM450 million, will complete 74 flood forecasting and warning models for major river basins at risk across the country, he added.

The Kuala Lumpur Flood Control Program includes several phases of the Kuala Lumpur Flood Mitigation Program (KLFM): storm water management and road tunnels or SMART tunnels, the Gombak Flood Diversion System, and the Kero Flood Diversion System. , and the implementation of Sungai. The Bunus RTB project.

“A fully functional KLFM can store up to 10 million cubic meters of flood water,” he said.Star/Asia News Network Malaysian minister says emergency measures already taken against floods

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