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Pakistan’s Taliban, known as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), staged years of rioting there that ended in a major military crackdown in 2014.

But fears have flared up again since the Afghan Taliban took power in Kabul last year.

The TTP has claimed dozens of attacks in recent weeks, mostly against security forces and anti-Taliban elders.

“We are exhausted and can no longer carry bodies,” said Muhammad Ali Shah, former mayor of Swat.

“It is the state’s responsibility to protect its citizens and ensure their safety, but the government’s silence on all these incidents is a crime.”

More than 5,000 people have blocked the main road through Mingora. A school bus was attacked on Monday, killing the driver and injuring a boy aged 10 or 11.

The TTP has denied responsibility and said police were investigating a motive.

Students and teachers, including the one Yousafzai attended, left in search of peace.

“Our protests will continue until the killers are arrested. We will not rise from here until government officials assure us of justice and an end to the insurgents,” said Dr. Amjad Ali, 36. said. Malala visits Pakistan to mark 10th anniversary of Taliban shooting

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