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UN: French President Emmanuel Macron accused Russia of modern imperialism based on the law of the jungle and called on Tuesday (September 20) to stop the collusion of neutral nations. Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In a speech to world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly, Macron warned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was dividing the world and reviving an “era of colonialism”.

In his 30-minute speech, Mr Macron said, “Those who remain silent today, whether they themselves or their secret collusion, are destroying the new imperialism, the world order. I serve the cause of cynicism in the United States.” Sit long on the fence.

“When you hear Russia saying that it is ready for new cooperation and a new international order without hegemony, it is a difficult story. Based on what? Is Russia the hegemonic power today?” he said. said.

Macron dismissed theories that the world is suffering because Western countries are defending outdated values ​​to serve their own interests.

“I urge all members of this Congress to assist us on our path to peace and to force Russia to abandon its choice of war so that Russia will pay the price for itself and for us.” Recognize and call for an end to the invasion.

“This is not about choosing sides between East and West, it is the responsibility of all to respect the UN Charter.”

The West hopes to use this week’s meeting in New York to persuade neutral powers to put more pressure on Moscow.

“Who was here during the pandemic? Who is funding to help with climate change? Who is coming to you today with ideas for a new world order? Not someone who didn’t have a vaccine that worked and didn’t deliver anything, the face of climate change,” he said. Macron criticizes Russia, says fence-sitters need to wake up

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