M1 rebranding and digital push enable new Bespoke Flexi mobile plans for customers

M1 rebranding and digital push enable new Bespoke Flexi mobile plans for customers

In December 2020, M1 announced a new logo. This is a sign of further achievements in the future. This culminated in its official announcement today (February 23, 2021), with M1 saying that brand renewal marks the beginning of a complete digital transformation to become Singapore’s first true digital network provider. I did. This conversion also enabled a third variation of the popular mobile plans available. This is called the Bespoke Flexi plan in M1.

Before going into the details of the mobile plan, M1 said that thanks to the digital innovation, the specific benefits for customers are:

  • Cloud native application: The M1 backend (excluding the physical network) has moved to the cloud, bringing the total number of applications to 30 (rather than the previous 150). M1 said this would give users more flexibility in scaling up and down to suit their needs.
  • Data analysis: The M1 streamlines over 200 databases into a single data take and simplifies the ability of the M1 to serve its customers with actionable data insights.
  • automation: Touchpoints for customers are automated and can handle customer needs in real time, including plan changes, invoice surveys, and other features.
  • Individual services: Products, business solutions, and services can be more accurate to the specific needs of our customers.

Examples of such enhancements that deserve a rebranding include an updated M1 app with data insights for customers and an in-store virtual assistant (Megan) for physical M1 outlets.

Custom Flexi Mobile Plan

Another important addition to the M1’s arsenal is a new type of mobile plan with some flexibility in plan structure and monthly mobile charges.Called Custom flexi The plan allows M1 customers to choose to pay for their mobile phone over the selected 12-36 months, and the local data + talk time plan can be adjusted up to once a month.

An example of installment payments for mobile phones from the M1 website.

With the Bespoke Flexi plan, mobile phone costs are divided into two parts. A customer-selected prepaid fee and the option to pay the rest over 12, 18, 24, or 36 months. The minimum prepaid fee that M1 customers can start is S $ 0 (spreading all mobile phone costs over the selected time period), and the maximum prepaid fee depends on the official retail price of the smartphone. The resulting monthly mobile charges are separate from the data and talk time invoices (below).

Bespoke Flexi plan local data and call duration configuration from the M1 website.

The data and talk time parts are also categorized. Users can choose 5, 15, 25, 35, 70, or unlimited GB worth of local data in combination with 100, 300, or unlimited talk time. Users also have the flexibility to change this plan during use, up to once a month.

Contains 100 SMS, regardless of the plan structure you choose. Below is an overview of the cost of configuring all the data and talk times possible with the Bespoke Flexi plan. I’ve tried several phones on the M1 website and found that monthly charges for data and talk time are consistent across different phones.

Summary of monthly charges for the M1 Bespoke Flexi plan
Invoice (monthly) … And 100 minutes And 300 minutes And unlimited talk time
5GB S $ 30.95 S $ 38.95 S $ 70.95
15GB S $ 35.95 S $ 43.95 S $ 75.95
25GB S $ 40.95 S $ 48.95 S $ 80.95
35GB S $ 45.95 S $ 53.95 S $ 85.95
70GB S $ 70.95 S $ 78.95 S $ 110.95
Unlimited data S $ 155.95 S $ 163.95 S $ 195.95

Please note that the above costs do not take into account add-ons or other service charges.

According to the M1 FAQ page, the Bespoke Flexi plan can be renewed 6 months before the previous plan, but users will still have to settle their unpaid mobile phone balance. This means that there is no penalty for early renewal, but you can only buy a new device six months after the previous device has been fully paid.

There is no penalty for ending the Bespoke Flexi Plan, but you will have to pay the full balance of your mobile phone at the end. Currently, the FAQ page does not state whether you can pay the full amount of your device before the monthly fee you select (that is, pay the remaining device fee before 36 months have passed).

M1 rebranding and digital push enable new Bespoke Flexi mobile plans for customers

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