M1 introduces Tech News News, Top Stories, a fully flexible mobile plan for customers

Singapore-Telco M1 has reviewed its mobile plans and used three new bespoke mobile plans to give customers more flexibility in customizing the amount of data and talk times they need.

Customers can pay for the amount of data they want to use and the talk time in combination, starting at $ 15.95 per month, with a branded mobile and SIM-only plan.

The new plan replaces the telco’s previous service and is intended for “hyper-personalization,” allowing consumers to specify the amount to prepay to the device and the length of the payment period.

The telco announced these new plans at a press conference on Tuesday (February 23), focusing on digital transformation.

A check by The Straits Times found that the price of the new plan was competitive, with a combination of 30GB and 100 minutes of talk time being $ 24.95 per month.

These combinations are adjustable and customers can choose from seven preset data limits starting at 5GB and three talk time limits from 100 minutes to unlimited talk time. All plans come with 100 free SMS, allowing customers to add services such as caller ID and unlimited weekend data for an additional fee.

A similar SIM-only plan from Singtel costs $ 30 per month for 20GB of data and 150 minutes of talk time, while Starhub’s SIM-only plan costs $ 25 per month for 30GB of data and 1,000 outgoing talk times.

“With a major revolutionary change in the technology stack, M1 is the only telecommunications company in Singapore that can offer this degree of personalization to its customers, which will allow M1 to innovate with the latest technology and change Singapore’s technology in the future. You can. Telecommunications methods. “

These new plans are available in the M1 online store and are being rolled out in stages to the actual M1 shop.

M1 CEO Manjot Singh Mann said the brand promised to provide a personalized experience, adding that this was made possible by integrating the system into a single digital platform. ..

The telco has digitized the process by migrating most of its back-end systems to the cloud and streamlining the database into a single “data lake,” Manjot said, making the system very secure. Pointed out that it was designed in.

Such innovations will help businesses use tools such as data analytics more effectively and efficiently, and M1 is considering promoting more personalized services that consumers can enjoy. Mr. says.

“Now we can customize and personalize our products. In fact, hyper-personalized products and services will be faster and more accurate to meet the specific needs of our customers,” he added. It was.

M1 introduces Tech News News, Top Stories, a fully flexible mobile plan for customers

Source link M1 introduces Tech News News, Top Stories, a fully flexible mobile plan for customers

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