Logitech G303 Shroud Edition Review: G303 is back

Logitech G303 Shroud Edition Review: G303 is back

G303 is back

Shroud has worked with Logitech to create an all-new iteration of his favorite mouse to date. Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex – You may remember that it has a pointed side and an overall weird shape. However, the shroud is famous for dominating the mouse on the stream, and the G303 shroud edition features LightSpeed ​​wireless technology and many minor tweaks and improvements to his specifications.

According to Logitech, this meant picking up the original G303 and creating it to suit his hand and grip style. Due to subtle adjustments to the mouse dimensions, it is slightly larger than previous mice and is now 125 x 63.5 x 40 mm. The mouse also features a translucent side panel that allows you to look inside, which seems to be another request from the shroud.

To keep the weight down, this mouse doesn’t have RGB lighting and is about 75g lighter than its predecessor. The quality of the build is as stable as ever, and it won’t bend or squeak anywhere. I like the matte finish of the mouse, but when I apply it to the mouse, the oil and grease are fairly clearly visible.

Like the Daedalus Apex, the Shroud Edition model is designed for fingertip and nail grips. This is not a mouse for palm grippers who want a rodent that can bury their hands, as it is unobtrusive and has the bottom cut off. It is also made for medium to large companies. Since my hands are small, when I try to move it with my fingertips, I hold the mouse in the widest part, which makes me feel a little awkward. Also, with such a mouse, the button doesn’t seem to reach back enough, but if you have a larger hand, the button may fit much better.

Elsewhere, Logitech repositioned the side buttons, repositioned the switch, readjusted the weight, and included subtle markings closer to the grip position of the shroud’s fingers. That said, I don’t really know where these so-called markings are, but it’s still a clear attempt to appeal to shroud fans. Do you have the same grip style and hand size as the shroud? No. But do people want a mouse designed by a former professional and one of the most popular streamers today? I’m definitely the answer is yes.

The good old reversible USB-C of the Logitech G mouse is one of the big changes I’ve never seen. This is all thanks to Shroud. The charging cable also acts as a wireless extender in case you need to bring the dongle closer to your mouse. In any case, there was no problem with the wireless connection. As always, LightSpeed ​​is reliable, has no latency, and performs indistinguishable from a wired mouse.

Another great feature of the mouse is the magnetic drawer at the bottom that holds the wireless dongle. It’s a good idea to store the dongle so you don’t lose it, and the drawer snaps with a satisfying click.

All buttons are also very well designed and neither the primary button nor the side button has post travel. There are no worms here, and every time you press a button, it feels crispy and comfortable to the touch. The scroll wheel has a precise and clear notch, but scrolling at high speeds makes it quite audible. Some additional bumps instead of smooth rubber would have been great for more grip.

The DPI button is below the scroll wheel and you can switch between up to 5 DPI stages. The color-coded indicators at the top show the current sensitivity stages, making it very easy to customize each stage in the GHub software. Optical Sensor Logitech’s 25,000 DPI Hero sensor, and tracking are as perfect as expected, with no acceleration or jitter.

Finally, the bottom of the mouse is covered with the legs of the two largest mice I’ve seen with a mouse. They are pure PTFE and provide a smooth slide right out of the box.

Logitech claims up to 145 hours of battery life, or 70 hours of constant operation. It sounds pretty nice on paper, and it seems to hold up during my test. After a day of use, the battery percentage dropped slightly from 82% to 77% on the G Hub.


Logitech G303 Shroud Edition is a huge step up from the original Daedalus Apex. With the perfect wireless capabilities, lightweight design and impeccable build, the new incarnation of the G303 is here to make today’s top wireless mice cost money. I don’t call the shape the safest in the world, but it will make the fingertip and nail grippers really happy.

The only downside is the S $ 209, G303 Shroud Edition asks you to do a lot of ponies. However, since this is a resurrection of the obsolete mouse, you can imagine that many people are willing to pay for shapes that were previously unavailable. If you missed Daedalus Apex, a Shroud Edition mouse is available.

Logitech G303 Shroud Edition Review: G303 is back

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