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SINGAPORE – National swimmer Kua Tin Wen has been plagued with mental health issues and was diagnosed with depression in 2017.

From 2010 to 2014, when I was studying abroad at the University of California, Berkeley and living alone, she put a lot of pressure on herself I promised myself that I would do the best I could and give my family and country pride.

As food became a means of controlling her body, she turned to emotional eating to deal with it. She had to be on a strict diet for two weeks, but sometimes she missed her home and she stopped eating altogether, leaving her in a terrible state mentally.

During her sophomore year, Kua broke her arm and required surgery. she said: “For me, it was normal to do everything myself. Looking back, I realized how much I was taking on when I left[home]so that’s what made me.” I think I made it.

“A lot of that has made me tough, but at the same time, I’ve made myself soft and open and open in front of the people who were there to help me and support me. It also taught me that I need to tolerate weakness.”

Mr. Kua, 30 years old, Those who have participated in major events as a representative of Singapore Attending events such as the Olympics, the World Cup of Swimming and the Southeast Asian Games, she taped the 109th episode of The Health Check Podcast live at The Straits Times Podcast’s 5th anniversary event on June 20. shared her story inside. Living Alone Made Me Stronger: Swimmer Kua Tin Wen to Appear on ST Podcasts 5th Anniversary Live Event

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