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Unusual clouds in the town of Bintulu, Sarawak on Thursday sparked excitement among residents.

Many people were interested in the sight of long white streaks appearing in the dark gray sky in the morning, and took this opportunity to post videos and photos online.

“Surely beautiful…like a stairway to heaven,” wrote Saphia Ross on Facebook, while Jeya Lee said she was “beautiful and extraordinary.”

Some were excited by the unusual appearance of clouds, while others thought it might indicate an impending thunderstorm.

“I hope it doesn’t turn out like Sibu, which was hit by strong winds and rain.” collapsed and the roof flew off.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) said the phenomenon is known as Arcus cloud formation.

According to the UK Met Office, arcus clouds are low-level, widespread clouds that are usually associated with strong storm clouds and thunderstorms.

“In tropical regions, where there are cumulonimbus clouds, or clouds that bring rain or storms, this cloud formation exists,” the Borneo Post quoted a Met Malaysia spokesperson as saying.

“Arks or roll clouds are harmless, but can bring heavy rain, strong winds and lightning strikes.” ‘Like a stairway to heaven’: Unusual cloud formation appears over Sarawak town

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