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Dear Editor,

I was surprised and puzzled when I read the featured news from The Independent Singapore.Massaging SPH Media Distribution Data: 30 Years of Hanky-Punky?(January 15, 2023). Some key points about SPH media circulation data:

It is true that the total readership of SPH’s printed newspapers (titles in any language) is greater than the actual circulation, since one copy of a printed newspaper may be read by multiple readers. (Example: 1 copy x number of readers).

Why have some former SPH Media executives chosen to ignore and abandon the qualities of honesty and trust that are most important to publishing professionals and professionalism? Did it have to be transformed and tampered with?

They didn’t know that the destruction of thousands of printed newspapers across all titles equated to huge waste/loss from shareholders (since SPH before was a publicly traded company).

Heavy competition from alternative online media such as Today, The Independent Singapore and Mothership over the past 20 years has resulted in lost sales revenue (including advertising revenue) and a sharp decline in SPH Media’s readership.

Most importantly, how the current SPH Media Trust learns from this painful lesson and flips new doors out of it.

Theo Que Liang

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Massaging SPH Media Distribution Data: 30 Years of Hanky-Punky?

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