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Police are investigating a series of incidents in which thumbtacks were found littered on Ishun’s sidewalk.

Police said a “report has been filed and an investigation is ongoing.” Videos and photos circulating online show members of the public picking up thumbtacks from the pavement.

In one incident, a thumbtack was lodged in the wheel of a delivery man’s bicycle.

Posts online claim the metal thumbtacks have been appearing since Monday.

One food delivery passenger told that she heard that “at least 20 to 30” e-bikes needed to have their tires changed in various parts of Yishun after being punctured by thumbtacks. I’m talking

The man, who only wanted to be known as Mas Attitude, said riders began warning each other about thumbtacks via WhatsApp on Sept. 19.

He added that the matter was reported to police on the same day.

“Someone didn’t accidentally drop it. Make sure someone put it there on purpose,” said Mas Attitude.

Anyone who puts a thumbtack “is getting in the way of us making a living,” he said, adding that changing a tire typically costs a rider about $50.

“Can you imagine if (the tires) burst twice one day?” Latest Singapore news

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