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1st race (1,000m)

(10) The MASERATI ROAR is a horse that still has room for improvement. Evaluated in his garden, he should be right there.

(8) The Lebanese Pound is consistent and should do well.

(7) KING’S SPEAR is well tried and cannot be ignored.

(11) PATH TO FREEDOM is lightly raced and has range.

Second race (1,200m)

(5) FORTUNE BAY holds solid form and looks like it can be beaten.

(12) SWISS PARADISE made two good attempts, the second and the fourth. must be respected.

(14) CONVOCATION will improve naturally if you make a good debut.

(10) LOTS OF MAGIC is improving every time it runs.

(8) IO SUPREMO must repeat the last run. If things go well, she should almost win.

3rd race (1,600m)

Big fields, tricky races. Many have room for improvement.

(12) RED PIANO is making steady progress and will love this trip after finishing 3rd in the 1,400m last time.

(1) MEETATTHEWINDSOR IS THE BEST TIE. We’ve made some very good improvements, so expect a bold show.

(13) PARIS RAIN had plenty of scope for a trip he appreciated.

(2) HUNTERS ARROW never goes far and draws well. He has the form to score.

4th race (1,600m)

(4) FAMILY FAVORITE were very capable that day and should do well in what looks like a tough race.

(2) MAJESTIC POWER ran a cracker. appear in that form.

(12) BRANDENBURG continues to perform well. He has only two seconds in his last three starts.

(16) THE BAYOU is a reserve runner. But if he secures a bunk he must be included. He has a powerful finish and clearly does well on this track.

5th race (1,400m)

(2) SUN BLUSHED is very talented and competitive.

(5) BOTZ is doing great. Expect great success.

(1) MYSTIC ANGEL is the first draw and can participate.

(3) BLESS ME FRED never strays far from the action, and can lift a 4kg Kramer into placement.

6th race (1,200m)

(1) TWO OF US ran crackers on their last start. With him dropping in ratings and his apprentice claiming 4kg at the top, he has a great chance.

(4) GRAY OCEAN is never far away and is there.

(11) HAPPY WANDERER runs well on this track and has an eye-catching jockey booking.

(2) SIR POM is very capable, but has had no luck in the last one or two starts. He can bounce and is worth including.

7th race (1,000m)

(2) Any Russian doll is fine. The filly can remain undefeated from three starts.

(5) CANDY FOR MY MOMMY is very capable and will be involved.

(6) PERFECT APPEAL is much better than the previous run suggested.

(8) ETHIOPIAN QUEEN is in great shape, but the last run was on Polytrack. But she must be respected.

Race 8 (1,950m)

(6) MASTER TOBE has run very well on this track and his last run can be ignored. His form was good before that.

(10) TEICHMAN is in good shape and has a strong presence.

(3) GREGOR MACGREGOR is good in Highveld form. He is respectful even though he has exhausted his rank of virginity for the first time.

(8) TIN CUP could have needed a last run and could get even closer. Latest racing news for Russian Doll

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