Kuck’s cult?Singaporean husband tried to recruit a man to rape his wife

A Singaporean man who tried to realize his companion’s dream by raping his wife, who was saved only by his dysfunctional penis, is heading to jail today.

A 47-year-old man, one of the defendants in many cases involving a man who wanted to attack his wife, was found guilty of conspiring to rape his 44-year-old mother at her colleague’s request yesterday 3 I was sentenced to a year’s sentence. 50-year-old husband. All parties have become anonymous due to the Gag Order to protect the identities of women.

Authorities are currently prosecuting a number of similar cases. The husband, also charged with raping a 32-year-old woman, is one of four men charged with colluding with other men to rape his wife.

According to court documents, the husband served Diets on sexual life with friends, including his fantasy of seeing others having sex with his wife in 2015. The husband reportedly raised the idea to a colleague who did not object.

They began implementing their husband’s grand plans in September 2017. He gave his wife some medicine and then stripped her naked and blindfolded her in bed. Later, his accomplice went into the bedroom to rape her, but he failed. He was later diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

The woman regained consciousness and confronted the accused. She had both men write a confession letter.

The crime was overlooked until January 2020 after she did not go to the police and another woman found a blatant photo on her husband’s phone and suspected that he and others had colluded to rape her. rice field.

She went to the police, arrested her husband, identified an accomplice, including her former 50-year-old husband, and a few weeks later arrested his 47-year-old accomplice.

Deputy prosecutor Qi Yi Lin said in court that the rape attempt was convicted in 2018 of four charges that insulted the humility of women. This is a comprehensive euphemism for various forms of sexual harassment.

Overall, it will result in four men being prosecuted for plotting to rape his wife between 2010 and 2018.

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Kuck’s cult?Singaporean husband tried to recruit a man to rape his wife

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