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LONDON – Britain’s Prince Charles, in his first Christmas message to the nation as King, referred to his late mother, Queen Elizabeth, and spoke of his faith in humanity in a time of “great anxiety and hardship”.

Charles said he shares his mother’s faith in God and people “with all his heart.” I was talking from

“This is a belief in the extraordinary ability to touch the lives of others with good intentions and compassion, and to shed light on the world around us,” said Charles.

“And for those around the world facing conflict, famine, and natural disasters in this time of great uncertainty and hardship, or those who are looking for ways to stay home, pay their bills, and keep their families fed and warm, We see it: the humanity of people.”

The King’s speech capped another chaotic year for Britain after years dominated by coronavirus and Brexit.

In 2022 the country had 3 prime ministers in 2 months And now, facing an economic recession and cost of living crisis, many are forced to turn to food banks and charities for help.

Charles III reigned his mother’s death He ended her record 70-year reign in September, paying tribute to such charities in his broadcasts. That broadcast included footage of food bank staff, hospital staff, rescue workers and caregivers.

The 74-year-old monarch, who also holds the title of Defender of the Faith in his role as Supreme Governor of the Church of England, describes how “our churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and gurdwaras” came together. Told about… To feed hunger.

The king, who has often been controversial as a prince for voicing strong opinions on various issues, including the environment, has previously said that as monarch he would scale back such public campaigns.

His message on Sunday was delivered standing against the background of the Christmas tree. This is the latest in a tradition of royal seasonal messages that dates back to 1932, when King George V gave a speech on the radio.

‘community consciousness’

In his speech, Prince Charles noted that heir to the throne, his son William and William’s wife Kate, recently visited Wales to “shed light” on examples of communal spirit.

But he didn’t mention William’s brother, Harry, or his wife, Meghan. People who participated in the documentary this month The couple portrayed the royal family as a tone-deaf institution with no regard for their mental health. I also talked about

On Sunday, Charles, William and other members of the royal family visited a church in Sandringham, East England, where families traditionally spend a period of celebration.

Also present was Prince Andrew, the King’s disgraced brother. Friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein Related sexual assault allegations and resulting lawsuits.

He settled the lawsuit in February without admitting liability. The settlement included undisclosed payments.

A British newspaper reported this week that Andrew, who has not been charged with any criminal offenses and has denied any wrongdoing, will be dismissed from Buckingham Palace and will no longer be allowed to hold an office there. Reuters King Charles Inspires Faith in Late Queen and Humanity with Christmas Message

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