Keyon, the 25-year-old rapper next up to blow

From producer to rapper, Keyon is evolving his artistry beyond making beats, to bodying them.

Born, Keyon Ghonis-Marion in Scarborough Toronto, Ontario, his name transitioned from past moniker, Kurtesy to the widely known stage name, Keyon. From a young age Keyon was introduced to music through his father, and he has continued to be a huge influence on his style and voice as an artist. Since then, he has developed his image and music to match the level of creativity shown by greats like Drake, Travis Scott, Jay Z, and Kanye West.

Keyon has accumulated several achievements in the industry as he navigates to the top. One of which is having his produced track “Hold Me Down” by Kofi and Tre Wes placed on NBA2k20. Keyon is making waves behind the booth and within it. His sound as an artist is reflective of his character. With a sound that creates a timeless vibe, his music speaks to fans deeper than most in the industry. Keyon has mastered his pen game, able to craft witty lyrics over smooth melodies that places fans in a feel-good trance while delivering the message or mood desired by Keyon. He continues to push the margins of what is possible with music, experimenting and exploring new sounds, making him a fun artist with a lot to offer.

Keyon has already felt the energy and experience of performing before a crowd. He embraces the adrenaline that runs through his veins when owning the stage. Recently, Keyon has been focused on increasing his fanbase and expanding his musical catalog. His recent single “Fly Out” released in December of 2020 has been gaining attention globally, and his latest song, “Bless you” is on pace to receive even more praise and recognition. Keyon is grinding behind the scenes, working on bringing even more content to his fans and claiming his place in hip hop. Stream his singles and stay locked into his journey to legendary status like those that influenced his career.

Keyon, the 25-year-old rapper next up to blow Source link Keyon, the 25-year-old rapper next up to blow

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