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Many know Julien Royer as a glorious feature of Singapore’s gastronomic scene, promoting the great success of the 3-Michelin Odette (Asia’s No. 1 restaurant) and his new French culinary concept, Claudin. (Lo & Behold Group) further expands Royer’s pedigree. Odette may not seem to be able to return as a frequent eater, but Claudin (lovingly named after chef Julian’s mother) tables comfort and tradition. With accessible shared food that tells you, we hope to change that.

Royer, along with Claudine, is moving forward as a restaurant owner with the trusted team that runs the show, Glynn Tay, executive chef and general manager, working with chef Julien Mercier.

Still, in terms of cooking, the same amount of focus and work is devoted to the same way Odette’s kitchen works. And to be honest, we step into the magnificent claudin and don’t expect anything less. The space itself is a historic building — dreamed of by Nice Project interior designer Sacha Leong and supported by leaf fixtures by Humid House. Those familiar with White Rabbit can still find similarities in the space of the story, but at a new beginning, Address is very much ingrained in Claudin’s alchemy. Dempsey’s address redone at the booth of plants, adorned with deep red that Royer believes could be something new related to French cuisine, and plated with the leaves of the press that Royer grew up in. It’s a great achievement.

This is a refreshing interpretation of a typical French facility, and Royer believes that French restaurants should be as they are today. Like the grabs offered by Claudine, these are French classics and personal recipes from Royer and his family. The extensive menu includes what the chef’s patrons themselves personally like to eat and what he cooks for friends and family. The snacks were a lot of fun. Crispy pig’s trotter crustilant — in combination with a rabigota sauce made from richer fillings, mayonnaise, hard-boiled eggs, and other herbs with a gelatinous touch — and hardening of charcoal-grilled sourdough sardines.

Our favorite vegetable dish is smoky, charred leek, softly melted in vacuum and soaked in oil ravigote sauce. This is another acid spike to enhance the flavor profile of the dish. Other accompaniments to the sauce include tarragon, garlic, egg yolk, and caper. Claudeen is a very graceful sister of something like Odette, but the food lineup shows off the rustic side, we don’t see much from Royer.

French puff pastry stuffed with calf sweet bread, amigasatake, chicken mousse, mushrooms, cartilage and pearl onions, like a classic Vol-au-vent. It’s a random yet powerful combination, but it’s born from the philosophy of not wasting anything in the kitchen and the nostalgic memories of Royer’s mother cooking it on a special occasion. It is a durable dish that is well-balanced with a light pillow pastry and can be enjoyed even more deliciously with mushroom soup. A good example of how sophisticated things can still be comforting. John Dory, Clams, Mussels, Scallops, Carabinero, Fennel, Potato Claudin “Bouillabaisse” is rich in seafood. It’s a rich soup that fits nicely into the rest of the dish and is definitely something to share with a party of five.

And when it comes to desserts, miss the “Pariteroll” with a twist of profit rolls, topped with a light shoe puff sandwiched between parfait-like vanilla cream and a sweet light rain of toasted caramel pecan pralines and rich chocolate sauce. I can not do it. It’s a decadent bite, but with the addition of toasted crunches for the enjoyment of texture, it doesn’t captivate you with its sweetness.

Claudine still has a fair amount of fantasy, and the price alone tells you this. But what is valuable here is the old-fashioned French cuisine, backed by extraordinary hospitality and reinterpreted in a unique way.

Julian Royer’s new French restaurant takes a casual and contemporary approach – Buro: Buro

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