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HONG KONG – Hong Kong leader John Lee on Wednesday joined some of the world’s top financial executives as he pushed to rebuild Hong Kong’s image as a major financial hub dented by the draconian Covid-19. Touted Hong Kong’s ties to China in a speech to curb.

At the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s investment summit of global financial leaders, Lee said the city will continue to work towards lifting Covid-19 restrictions.

Executives from the world’s biggest banks, including Goldman Sachs’ David Solomon and Morgan Stanley’s James Gorman, have visited Hong Kong for the first time in almost three years.

“Hong Kong is the only place in the world where global dominance and Chinese dominance come together in one city,” Lee said.

“This unique fusion makes Hong Kong an irreplaceable link between the mainland and the rest of the world,” he added.

He also said Hong Kong is working to attract top talent to offset the massive brain drain it has seen over the past three years due to strict coronavirus regulations.

“Like many other major cities in the world, Hong Kong has experienced ups and downs over the years, but our resilience remains quite unmatched,” he said at the summit.Reuters John Lee touts ‘Chinese dominance’ to reshape Hong Kong’s image as global financial hub

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