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TOKYO: The Japanese government is set to revise a decade-old agreement with the central bank that aims to achieve its 2% inflation target “at the earliest possible time,” Kyodo news agency said on Saturday. reported. Citing government sources.

In the first review of the joint agreement in 2013, the government will make price targets more flexible, Kyodo said.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is expected to work out details with the next governor of the Bank of Japan, who will succeed Haruhiko Kuroda in April, Kyodo said.

The amendments could lead the BOJ to fine-tune monetary easing as the side effects of ultra-low interest rates (most notably the sharp depreciation of the yen against other major currencies) become more apparent and challenge the Kishida government. Yes, the co-president said. . Japanese government amends deal with BOJ to make price target flexible – Kyodo News

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