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Observers said a stronger military presence in Japan could deter China’s ambitions in the region.

Professor Lind told CNA’s Asia First on Wednesday that “a stronger defense posture would allow Japan to increase its deterrence, make China less likely to use force, and make peace in Asia more likely. It will be easier,” he said.

China severely criticized Japan He accused Tokyo of “causing tension and conflict in the region” over the defensive transition.

But Professor Lind said the Japanese were already lagging behind.

“The arms race in Asia is already well underway. China has made significant armaments over the last few decades,” he said, adding that China has the world’s largest navy and most warships.

“Japan has decided that this is not safe for its own security. So Japan, like other countries in the region, is just reacting to a surprising shift in the balance of power in Asia.” Japan, wary of China’s regional activities, strengthens Nansei Islands and increases defense budget

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