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Hong Kong-born K-pop star Jackson Wang doesn’t need or want fans to spend money on virtual gifts for him.

Which one do you think makes more sense?

Wang abruptly ended things after a fan spent money on him via social media apps during a TikTok livestream on Sept. 6.

In a screen-recorded video of the live stream, the perplexed singer asks why she sees different stickers on her screen.

Some fans have responded that stickers are paid gifts that can be converted into cash.

His expression then changed and he said, “Oh no no no, oh my god,” before abruptly ending the livestream.

Wang, who released his new album Magic Man earlier this month, continued to live stream on other platforms afterward, sternly telling users, “I don’t want gifts, don’t do that.”

TikTok stickers are purchased using TikTok Coins. Coin bundles are $1.48 for 110 coins and $348.98 for 17,495 coins.

Here are the sticker prices Wang received:

  • Hat and mustache: 99 coins
  • Sunglasses: 199 coins
  • Heart: 199 coins Jackson Wang abruptly ended his livestream, stopping fans from spending money on his stickers, latest music news

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