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The exact origin of poker is unclear, but it is believed the game developed from the Persian game As-Nas and the French game of Poque. By the early 19 century, the game of poker we enjoy today was prominent in the American South, especially on the gambling river boats of New Orleans and the Mississippi. Since the original form of poker, we have seen several other versions of the game become popular but is poker still the king of card games?

The Poker Boom

If we go back to the period between 2003 and 2006, poker entered the homes of people for the first time. The reason for this was the televising of poker tournaments, where huge money would be on the line in pressure situations. The coverage included cameras under the table that could see the cards each player had in their hand. This allowed viewers to see exactly what was going to happen and even plan moves for themselves before the players. No-limit Texas hold ’em was the poker game of choice for most of the televised tournaments. By the 2006 main event, there were 8773 players in the tournament, which was 14 times as many that had entered the same event in 2002.

Online Poker

The introduction of online poker has been massive for the game and helped to keep it at the top in terms of popularity. Rather than having to travel to play the game at a casino or meet up with friends, online poker allows you to begin playing the game in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your own home. While online poker took players and viewers away from the televised events, it led to an increase in the number of those playing the game. When playing poker online, there is the draw of other games, with the online pokie category also one of the most popular. However, in terms of card games, poker is king, and we will highlight some of the reasons why below.

Why is Poker So Popular?

Poker is a sociable game, both when playing at a land based casino and online. The land-based poker experience involves sitting around a table with other players and there is often chat and banter as the game progresses. When playing online poker, live tournaments are played against other people, and it is possible to communicate throughout the game. You may have heard the term ‘poker face’ and that refers to poker players trying to read the face of opponents to guess their hand. Poker is a game of skill, which is not always the case with some casino games. You are in control of the cards in your hand and how you would like to bet. There can still be some element of luck when the community cards are turned but there are techniques and strategies used in poker by experienced players.

Poker remains a hugely popular card game. The development of televised tournaments and virtual online tables have helped to keep poker at the top.


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