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Singapore: unique social media habits She was in the news again after sharing a Facebook post on her page by former Ho Chin parliamentary candidate Calvin Cheng.

On his page, Mdm Ho shared Cheng’s 40 previous Facebook posts within an hour on Wednesday (March 1). Mdm Ho seems to have dug quite deep into Cheng’s posting history. The post she shared from his page goes back several months to last December.

Posts she shared were from a former NMP on S377A abolition, COVID precautions, Russian aggression, US-China relations, global warming, retirement age, 2023 budget, Singapore birth rate, going cashless, housing, healthcare, and more. I’ve come to an opinion. Politics.

While some posts compared Singapore to countries such as Dubai and Switzerland, one post addressed Chen’s feelings about being awarded the Civil Service Medal (COVID 19).

Curiously, Mdm Ho shared a post where a pro-establishment public figure shared his New Year and Lunar New Year wishes.

One of the more controversial posts shared by Mdm Ho was Cheng’s comment that those who recommended China’s COVID-19 precautions “should be arrested and jailed for trying to harm the country.” included.

It is unclear whether Mdm Ho shared such posts as a symbol of agreement or disapproval of Cheng’s views. Most of the posts did not contain comments or captions from the prime minister’s wife.

Netizens have noted that the pair have shared what appears to be a tumultuous connection on social media, but it remains unclear what prompted her sharing. On the same day that the page was flooded with Cheng’s posts, Mdm Ho reprimanded the businessman for some of his defamatory comments about stall owners who have not yet gone cashless.

Ho Chin slams Calvin Chen for scolding Singaporeans in latest barb against ex-NMP

Mdm Ho is known to post frequently and in bulk on Facebook, sharing hundreds of posts in just a few hours. Her social her media habits, especially when she was her CEO of Singapore’s Sovereign Wealth Her Fund Temasek, is why she has so much free time to spend on her social media. questioned over the past few years.

If rumors of her running for president are true, the prime minister’s wife could be very busy soon. whisper So that she can wear her hat to the upcoming presidential election later this year.

there is also Speculation You might face off against your estranged brother-in-law Li Shenyang in a race.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife Ho Ching joins ‘Naatu Naatu’ frenzy

Ho Chin is pleased that ChatGPT calls Singapore an “achiever”, even though the chatbot calls the government an “authoritarian”.

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