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SINGAPORE – The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras) has warned of fraudulent emails purporting to be from the Monetary Authority of Singapore asking tenants to pay additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD).

In a recommendation on its website Tuesday, Ayrus claimed that the email was accompanied by a fake stamp duty certificate and that the recipient’s endorsement had to be “verified” due to unpaid ABSD payments. said that

The fake certificate states that the tenant owes $4,536 in stamp duty based on 4% of the 36-month contract term. ABSD claims it will be refunded when the tenant’s lease expires.

A website address is also included for tenants to verify the authenticity of the stamp certificate. As of Wednesday, the website was unreachable.

Islas said ABSD has no obligation to pay for the tenancy agreement.

The tax authorities advised citizens to ignore the emails and not to provide personal information, credit card or bank account details, make payments or follow the instructions in the emails. He also called on the public to check the authenticity of the stamp certificate on the Iras website.

If you have been scammed, we recommend that you file a complaint with the police.

Ailers said responsible buyers of residential real estate will have to pay ABSD on top of the buyer’s stamp duty. In April, the government raised ABSD interest rates to cool the property market.

Singapore Citizens Buying Second Residential Property A tax rate of 20% of the purchase price applies. 30% of the purchase price when purchasing the third and subsequent properties. First-time buyers don’t pay her ABSD.

ABSD is 5% for first-time residential property purchases by Singapore Permanent Residents. 30% for the second property, 35% for the third and subsequent properties.

the foreigner Must pay 60 percent of ABSD in any residential area. Iras warns against fraudulent emails asking for ABSD payments from tenants

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