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In this episode, Su Shyan joins Jonathan Chan, Senior Director of Financial Services at PhillipCapital, Singapore’s largest retail brokerage. Mr. Chan has nearly 30 years of experience in the financial industry and has been conducting retirement planning seminars since 2015.

Chan highlights some of the common mistakes investors make. Among them he focuses on keeping a large amount of cash. Instead, people should consider using capital to establish multiple streams of income so they can enjoy a more comfortable retirement.

Highlight (click/tap above):

1:10 Inflation and interest rate outlook

2:21 What are some common retirement planning mistakes investors make?

4:48 How much cash should you carry?

6:27 Hear about creating up to 8 different retirement streams

8:02 Wealth as a Retirement Stream

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Produced by Lee Su Shan (, Ernest Lewis, Theo Tong Kai, Eden So

Editing: Theo Tong Kai

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