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Participating in a study abroad or overseas exchange program is a rare opportunity for most Singapore secondary and junior college students. However, for students at Westbourne College Singapore, an overseas experience is part of the curriculum.

The school, which will open in Singapore on 14 August 2023, offers students aged 15-18 the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and the one-year Cambridge International General Certificate in Secondary Education (IGCSE) programme. provide both. Both locally and internationally, they are looking for faster alternatives to A-levels, polytechnics and other post-secondary options.

Located in Valley Point, the Singapore campus will be Westbourne International’s second global expansion, following the establishment of Westbourne College Sydney in 2021. The original campus, Westbourne School, is located in Cardiff, Wales.

What sets Westbourne College Singapore apart from other local higher education institutions is its focus on a two-pronged approach to education. Recognizing that Singapore is a global hub for innovation and one of the largest financial centers in Southeast Asia, the university welcomes students interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics simultaneously. We want to attract. (stem), and business.

All students study on campus in Singapore, but collaboration is deeply embedded in the curriculum. Students in Singapore are expected to undertake several joint projects with students at the Cardiff and Sydney campuses during their studies.

For Maisie Peter, an IB first year student at Westbourne School, international collaboration has made her coastal research project even more memorable. “All four of us hers brought different backgrounds and skills to this project,” she says. “We were impressed with the input from different countries and added even more depth to the exercise.”

“Even though each school is at a different stage in the IB curriculum due to the timelines of the northern and southern hemispheres, this has allowed for a variety of scientific knowledge from students in both countries to deliver projects far beyond my expectations. I was able to strengthen it,” added the IB 1st grader. Westbourne School student Max Phillip.

Another major part of the quintessential Westbourne experience is our exchange program with other Westbourne campuses. These allow Singapore-based students to experience school life in the United Kingdom (UK) or Australia. International Exchange and Collaboration: How New IB Colleges Are Developing Students Confident for Careers in Stem and Business

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