Impact of technology on education

In these pandemic times we ought to have an academic freeze, but nowadays the technological innovations have enhanced the method of learning and is also having a great impact on education industry. In this technology driven world we cannot hesitate to say that the influence of technology in education industry is increasing day by day. They have affected how the teacher teach and students learn in classrooms. Further their use has been accelerated during the pandemic, when many schools and teachers turned to technology to help the students to continue with their learning. These technological advances having different platforms like zoom meeting, google meet etc have a setting like a real classroom, where the students can attend their classes and listen to lectures and to the classroom recordings, do group activities and many more. Having access to technology can help youngsters learn to dig into topics they find interesting. Technology can supplement learning in and outside the classroom. After the introduction of technology in education industry smart boards are slowly replacing the traditional blackboards, chalks and textbooks. The last few years have witnessed a dramatic change in learning model. The way students are being taught today is very different from the teaching methods that were adopted a few decades back. Technology has brought about various changes in the way education is delivered and received from self-learning to flipped classroom approach. We have seen technology make a considerable impact on the learning and learning methodologies. Earlier technology was solely used as a crisis-management tool but now teachers can make use of technology for online teaching as a powerful educational tool. Use of online learning tools will not only increase student’s engagement but will also help teachers to improve their lesson plans and smoothen personalized learning. Technology has also helped to improvise learning and collaboration. With earlier methods of teaching it was not always possible for students and teachers to interact every time but now with the help of eLearning technology, evenafter the class students can interact with their teachers and clear their doubts. Different technological tools that are used in classrooms are virtual classrooms, augmented reality etc. These tools make the class livelier, create most inclusive learning environments encouraging association and curiosity among students. With the help of these tools, students get to work together. It also compels the students to use higher level of thinking to solve complex problems. The society that we live in now is infused with technology and the society in which our students will live in the future will be more infused with technology. Proactively teaching students how to navigate the digital world as well as how to use numerous technologies to solve complex problems must be a part of how we educate the next generation. To create a better society and stronger democracy, it is important to educate the students how to navigate the digital world. Ultimately there is a lot to digest when we talk about educational technology trends. However, in today’s date technology has gained its popularity in education industry with all its renewed teaching and learning process.

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