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SINGAPORE: In a Facebook post on Sunday (19 March), Labor Party MP Jamus Lim expressed mixed views on opposition politics in an outreach selling the party newsletter Hammer at Kobang Market. I shared that I met a couple who seemed to have one.

As they were having breakfast, I approached them and asked if they would be interested in purchasing a newspaper. The lady seemed determinedly unconcerned, so I politely prepared to move on, as I understand that opposition politics may not be to everyone’s taste. He waved at me and silently expressed his support, leading me to buy a copy of the Hammer,” he wrote.

Based on his experience, Associate Professor Lim writes that couples with different political views are not uncommon in Singapore, writing that “they do not share the same political (or even the same worldview) but otherwise I have met couples who have maintained loving relationships in terms of

Sengkang GRC wrote that for him this was a “great analogy to where our party lies within Singapore’s political system”.

“Even if we disagree with the positions we hold or the views we advocate, we can continue to respect those differences. To realize that I remain a loyal Singaporean who wishes only one thing,” he added.

Kovan is part of Aljunied GRC’s Paya Lebar Division, reporting to MP Sylvia Lim, who is also WP Chair.

The WP appeared to be in full force in its outreach, with party heavyweights in attendance including Secretary General and Opposition Leader Pritam Singh, Ms Lim, Hogan SMC MP Dennis Stan, Aljunied GRC MP Leon Perera and Gerald Ziam. . others.

Singh posted a photo of the team gathering for Hammer’s outreach with the caption, “Family photo!”


A WP supporter in a “HAMMER STRENGTH” shirt cheers for Nicole Sy of the East Coast WP team

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ad 3 Husband supports WP Hammer outreach even though wife shows no interest in opposition politics

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