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Yangon, Myanmar — Progressive Voices (PV), Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma (ALTSEAN-Burma) and Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (Forum-Asia) jointly advocated for ASEAN and UN security in a bold call to action . Council (UNSC) steps up efforts against brutality of Myanmar junta.

In a statement on Monday (17 July), the three groups criticized the current ASEAN Five-Point Agreement (5PC), calling it “unfortunately ineffective and unenforceable” in a statement issued today. They argue that more decisive action is needed and are calling for a comprehensive review of the 5PC ahead of the ASEAN summit in September.

These groups argue that the 5PC review should prioritize thwarting illegal military regime crimes and threats to human security. They further advocate the exclusion of the junta from all meetings, fearing that its participation would lend a false legitimacy to its activities and the danger of being complicit in its atrocities. Instead, they argue that the National Unity Government (NUG), a legitimate representative of the Myanmar people, should be incorporated into the regional and international stages.

The joint statement emphasizes the need to reframe the 5PC and ASEAN-wide approach, suggesting that it should be based on the five counterpoints of civil society. It also calls for more meaningful participation of legitimate stakeholders in Myanmar, such as the NUG and the National Revolutionary Organization (ERO), in all engagements.

The statement further condemned the junta’s attempt to deport 7,000 Rohingya, and urged ASEAN to turn humanitarian aid away from the junta and to encourage local civil society, community-based organizations, and local humanitarian organizations. I’m asking you to direct it to advocates.

Khin Omar, founder and chairman of Progressive Voice, expressed concern that the 5PC would be implemented without the consent of the Myanmar people. He called on ASEAN to uphold its democratic principles, involve legitimate representatives of Myanmar and the Spring Revolution, and take a more proactive approach to halting the military regime’s atrocities.

Debbie Stothard, Founder and Coordinator of Altsean Burma, calls for a global arms embargo and targeted economic sanctions to counter the severity of Myanmar’s atrocities and the threat the military regime poses to peace and stability in the region. asked the United Nations Security Council to impose

FORUM-ASIA Secretary General Mary Eileen Dies Bacaluso echoed the call for a review of the 5PC and stressed the need for ASEAN to work in solidarity with the NUG and the international community. Without a decisive and meaningful response, she warned, ASEAN would become irrelevant to the struggle of the people of Myanmar.

The world will be watching how ASEAN and the Security Council respond to this clear call for change and justice as the situation in Myanmar remains volatile. Human Rights Group Calls for Bold Action by ASEAN, Security Council on Myanmar Crisis

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