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But Low’s radical life changes were never about money. It was driven by her daughter’s love for her late artist father, who entrusted her with a legacy of 1000 paintings. A rare love story in our time. This is a story of filial piety, quiet sacrifice, and her two generations of dreams.

From accountant to art gallery owner

Low’s father, Low Hai Hong, has always loved art. But in his early years, he put his artistic dreams on hold to work as a full-time contractor and support a family of his five children. Nevertheless, he continued to paint in his spare time and was a pioneer in oil painting on rice paper.

When young Law graduated from college and became an accountant, she encouraged her father to pursue her artistic dreams. At the age of 60, he rekindled his passion and traveled the world to paint. He stayed in Paris for five months, in Malacca for two years, and in Shanghai for seven years. How to rent artwork and paintings monthly in Singapore

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