How prepared are you for the current challenges in the workplace?

How prepared are you for the current challenges in the workplace?

Demonstrating a clean and infection-free environment has never been more critical. Manual cleaning can miss up to 50% of all the surfaces and the circulating air, so how do you validate that both they and the circulating air are in fact germ-free?

More power, shadow reduction and precise room dimensioning

THOR UVC® is the only system available in the world today that offers these three key critical elements. Power is everything when terminally cleaning rooms; without this, proximity to surfaces and time to treat are simply not effective on their own. Partner with Surgical Specialties to ensure absolute safety for your patients and your employees.

What is UVC technology and how is it superior to other common disinfection methods?

Ultraviolet (UV) is a form of light, invisible to the human eye, that exists on the electromagnetic spectrum between X-rays and visible light. We are exposed to low levels of UV light from the sun’s rays every day, although much of the UV energy is absorbed by the ozone layer.

UVC wavelengths are between 200 and 300 nanometres, making them germicidal, meaning they are capable of inactivating microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. This quality makes UVC energy an effective, environmentally friendly, and chemical-free way to eradicate dangerous microorganisms in any environment, but especially in hospitals.

UVC disinfection uses no chemicals, reaches floor to ceiling and is suitable for even the smallest of spaces. It is also extremely portable, meaning it can be used in areas such as treatment rooms, operating theatres, and patient rooms. The technology has proven to be a success, eliminating HCAI culprits including C. diff, MRSA, Ebola and Norovirus.

THOR UVC is the very latest high-powered disinfection robot, capable of destroying multi drug resistant HCAIs and persistent superbugs that linger in operating theatres, patient wards, and isolation rooms. It has patented protected shadow busting technology, which assists in delivering UVC light to darker, harder to reach areas. THOR UVC also has radar technology, multiple sensors which maps its surroundings and immediately generates a report when a room disinfection is complete. Testing and evaluation of the THOR UVC efficacy concluded that, irrespective of cleaning time and soiling levels, it killed more than 99.9999% of MSSA and 99.9999% (log 6) of a baumanii bacteria exposed to it.

THOR UVC generates more UVC power than older generation UV technologies; its high unrivalled output is critical in killing the new strains of superbugs. Its telescopic reach is significantly higher than its predecessors, obliterating pathogens from floor to ceiling. The robot disinfects a 360° area, irrespective of obstacles and senses clutter and reduces shadows, delivering a peak germicidal dose to all areas.

Utilising THOR UVC means that the entire process is automated. This ensures that the process is completely validated and failsafe. In addition, THOR UVC can be utilised anywhere a healthcare provider has deemed it necessary.

How can UVC disinfection aid in the fight against the spread of COVID-19?

The global pandemic has challenged almost every country across the world. Wherever there is any form of human interaction, the virus could still be present and therefore deep cleaning regimes need to be rigorous to prevent further spread of this deadly disease. Manual cleaning protocols have been refined and cleaning teams are working tirelessly, however, can only assist with surface cleaning. This is where UVC technology comes into its own. While it has been widely recognised for some time that Coronavirus can be efficiently and effectively eradicated utilising UVC, it would have been incorrect for companies to suggest that their devices were efficient in killing COVID-19, without further testing.

THOR UVC utilises 24 high output emitters, supplied to us by Signify, part of the Philips Group of Companies. Signify, in conjunction with Boston University, recently tested the current pathogen with their emitters and found SARS-CoV-2 was eradicated in minutes. Finsen Tech is now able to verify with confidence that THOR UVC can eradicate SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in minutes.

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How prepared are you for the current challenges in the workplace? Source link How prepared are you for the current challenges in the workplace?

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