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Montreal – Expectations for the United Nations Biodiversity Conference in Montreal were kept as low as possible.

But the widespread perception that it is for nature, or not at all, and the recent diplomatic hustle and bustle by China, have made it difficult to close a “historic” deal on a night of intense drama. It was useful for

Dubbed the ‘ugly duckling’ of global policy, the COP15 negotiations were ridiculed by world leaders who had just attended the much higher-profile climate summit in Egypt.

Beijing, who chaired the talks, appeared to take a no-interference approach at first, tackling the crucial question: whether the affluent world would promise enough money and the developing world dying out. It seemed too big to be able to protect species and habitats. Overcome.

“For months there has been the question of where is China,” a high-level source close to the matter told AFP.

Additionally, relations between China and Canada, which had to step in to host the event due to China’s strict Covid-19 regulations, have deteriorated in recent years.

Canada 2018 arrest of Chinese telecom executive Meng Wanzhou At the request of the United States, China immediately arrested two Canadians.

just last month, Chinese President Xi Jinping was caught on camera scolding Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Over Slight.

Moreover, “it is strange to have a Chinese president on North American soil,” said a senior official, adding that early signs dispel the assumption that China’s leadership means undermining ambition. It wasn’t.

In its first week, China allowed Canada to give show shepherding talks on key issues ranging from finance to the key goal of protecting 30% of its land and oceans by 2030.

According to another diplomatic source, over time it was China that took charge of the document, with an approach called “gentle” diplomacy.

“China has cornered the developing world by closing deals and pledging US$30 billion (S$41 billion) in financing by 2030.”

When countries in the Global North asked the South for more ambitious goals, China responded by telling them they needed more funding. It never worked with the G77.

“They risked their reputation for what many thought were not their true leaders,” said Gabon’s minister of water, forests and the environment. Lee White, a Gabonese conservationist of British descent, said: How Chinese Diplomacy Helped Sign Historic Nature Agreement at COP15 Biodiversity Conference

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