Hong Kong Tech Startup yyResearch Launches Privacy-focused Instant Messaging App Called OpusChat

Multi-layer privacy options, multiple personas, secure multimedia messaging and voice calls make OpusChat a fun and safe app for everyday communication

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 4 May 2021 – yyResearch, a Hong Kong tech startup that specialise in software and app
development, today launches OpusChat, a privacy-focused and safe communication system that models how
we manage relationships and interact with each other in real-life. With its
multi-layer privacy options, multiple personas, secure multi-media messaging
features and high-quality voice calls, OpusChat is an instant messaging app
like no other and is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.



Real-life Relationships and Interactions

“Privacy is not a luxury, it is a
necessity. People should have the ability to protect themselves from scammers,
spammers, stalkers, cyberbullies and doxing,” said Edmund Hor, co-founder and
CEO of yyResearch. “Personal information is not only being misused for monetisation
but also provides material for fraudsters and identity thieves, making data
privacy a growing concern for everyone. This is the very reason we decided to
develop OpusChat, an ethical communication system that gives users control over
how their relationships are established and managed, and eliminates any
unsolicited contact. More importantly, OpusChat does not require users to share
their personal information and minimises data storage to protect their


He continued, “With OpusChat,
we’ve developed a fun and safer way for everyone to connect and communicate,
and we are extremely excited to introduce this product to the world.”


OpusChat is a privacy-focused and
safe mobile communication tool with all the features users look for in an
instant messaging app and more.


Giving Users
Full Control Over Their Data and Privacy

OpusChat does not require a phone
number or email when new users register to use the app. Instead, it provides
every user a unique ID and QR code so that others can search or scan to make a
new friend connection. This ensures that the user is connecting to people they
really know and eliminates any unsolicited phone calls or messages. For users
who wish to invite friends from their phone’s contact list to chat on OpusChat,
they have the option to do so as well. Once a new friend connection is
established, users have full control over how they interact with each other,
what they can see, share or receive, and customise the settings for each
relationship. With these features, users can choose to be as private or as open
as they like when using OpusChat.


Real-life Relationships and Interactions

One of the unique features in OpusChat is allowing users to create
“Multiple Personas” under a single account. People have different identities
and play different roles when connecting with family, friends, colleagues, and
people in different social circles. In real life, we can choose how we interact
with each individual and there is a varying degree of intimacy with each
relationship. This “Multiple Personas” feature was designed with this in mind,
giving user the ability to customise and control how they present themselves
and how they manage each relationship.


Users Peace of Mind and Protection

Prior to the launch of the OpusChat app, yyResearch’s leadership
and R&D team have accumulated more than two decades of experience
developing secure commodity e-trading platforms for world class exchanges,
national utility companies and multinational financial institutes with an
indisputable reputation for high business integrity. With these experiences and
proven track record, OpusChat was designed and developed with the user’s privacy
and security in mind.  The app matches up
to the industry’s standard for end-to-end encryption, there is no tracking of
user experience data and it minimises storage of user data to protect the
privacy of the user.


“At yyResearch, we believe that systems are easier to use if
they work in harmony with how we behave as human beings. We created personas to
model how we identify ourselves and interact with the various social groups in
our lives. We want people to be able to communicate securely and feel confident
that their data is being treated with the utmost respect and not being used for
nefarious purposes. We hope that OpusChat will set a new bar in user privacy
control and protection, and we are very excited to be launching it,” said Paul
Blaikie, co-founder and CTO of yyResearch.


Download photos of the OpusChat
app here.

For video introducing the key
features of the OpusChat app, please visit here.

Hong Kong Tech Startup yyResearch Launches Privacy-focused Instant Messaging App Called OpusChat Source link Hong Kong Tech Startup yyResearch Launches Privacy-focused Instant Messaging App Called OpusChat

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