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Singapore: A 32-year-old woman turned to social media after learning her boyfriend worked out weekly but was discouraged from doing the same.

In an anonymous post on popular confession page SGWhispers, the woman wrote that she and her 34-year-old boyfriend had been together for six years. . She also noticed that she was 10 kg away from her ideal healthy weight. She didn’t take the shuttle bus and she decided to start her exercise on foot (about 20 minutes). It honestly made her feel better and she is much healthier. “

She noticed she had lost a little weight, but with no visible physical change, “increased the ‘level’ of exercise to 30 minutes of daily walking and planned to eat less meat.” I felt that. Her boyfriend’s reaction shocked her. Because I exercised too much and didn’t have enough meat! Slim looks bad! You should stop exercising so much! “

She wrote that she thought his sentiments were ridiculous because he worked out at the gym every week and said exercise was important to his health.

“I continued with the exercise plan anyway, but he gave me the quiet treatment. If I sneezed or coughed during a date, he attributed it to over-exercising or poor dietary choices.” Why can’t he be happy and support my choices?” she asked.

A netizen who commented on her post said that cutting back on meat doesn’t necessarily help with weight loss.

Here’s what they said:

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– Advertising ​​- Her boyfriend, who goes to the gym every week, tells her, “If you’re slim, you don’t look good! You should stop exercising so much!”

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