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Wellington: Heavy rains that hit Australia’s New South Wales state began to ease on Sunday (9 October), although flood warnings were still in effect for some areas.

The New South Wales Emergency Service said in a statement that heavy rains over the past 24 hours had caused the flooding. . They ordered the evacuation of his two campgrounds and holiday park areas and Gronos Point, northwest of Sydney, due to flooding.

About 80 towns and areas scattered across the state, including suburbs of Sydney, faced flood warnings, and high winds were a concern in coastal areas as the storm began to move offshore.

The ground is already saturated and flash flooding is a major concern in many coastal areas, including Sydney, according to the emergency services.

Many communities in western New South Wales have been affected, and emergency services and the Primary Industries Department are working to assess the broader impact on farmers, he added.

For the third year in a row, eastern Australia experienced a La NiƱa event with increased precipitation. Sydney on Thursday recorded its wettest year since records began in 1858, with 2022 nearly three months away.

Dams and rivers are nearly full, and authorities warned drivers to avoid flooding roads during the final weekend of school spring break.

This year, devastating floods hit Australia’s east coast repeatedly. In March, rising water levels forced tens of thousands of people from their homes and killed at least 13 of them. Heavy rains abate in New South Wales, Australia; flood warnings remain in effect

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