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LONDON – London’s Heathrow Airport has confirmed plans to end blanket capacity limits on passenger numbers this month, opting instead for shorter limits required on peak days over the Christmas holidays.

Europe’s largest hub said its “highly targeted mechanism” allows airlines to stimulate demand during periods of low demand and avoid flight cancellations.

The hub reported a loss of £442 million (SGD715 million) in the nine months to 30 September despite serving 18 million passengers this summer. made an announcement.

Heathrow Chief Executive John Holland Kay said in an interview that “it is not yet fully back to normal.” We have rising interest rates, rising interest rates, a global economic slowdown and possibly a recession, so there are a lot of headwinds that we face.”

As the demand that fueled the surge in summer travel fades, there are fears that rising costs of living and soaring inflation will keep consumers from flying during what is usually a slow season for the European aviation industry. It is rising.

Heathrow said these headwinds mean demand is unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels for several years, except during peak periods.

after facing Understaffed in summer Heathrow companies estimate they will need to recruit and train as many as 25,000 people with security clearance to meet peak demand.

The airport operator said it had set up a task force to help fill empty seats and was working closely with the government on a review of the airline’s ground handling.Bloomberg Heathrow lifts capacity limit, says 25,000 staff needed

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