Headless body of Hong Kong socialite found: 6 gruesome murders that shocked the city

Hong Kong socialite Abby Choi’s headless body It was found in a village house in Tai Po, on the outskirts of the city. According to local media reports, the dismembered body of the 28-year-old was partly cooked and partly kept in a refrigerator.

Here are six other gruesome murders that have made headlines in Hong Kong over the decades.

1. Bottle Murderer or Butcher (1982)

In the 1980s, taxi driver Ram Cowan arrested and strangled four women aged between 17 and 31. He then carried his corpse to his apartment and mutilated it with an electric saw. Lamb later earned the nickname “Bottle Murderer” or “Butcher” because he kept his genitals in jars containing formaldehyde, a substance found in embalming solutions.

Lam, 27, also reportedly took photos and videos of the victims. In 1982, Lam was arrested after a photo technician discovered that the images Lam sent for processing contained a severed breast. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

2. The Bremer Hill Murders (1985)

Two British teenagers, 17-year-old Kenneth McBride and 18-year-old Nicola Myers, were murdered by five gangsters on Braemar Hill. An upscale residential area on the hillside east of Mid Level. His five men, aged 16 at the time until he was 25, initially attempted robbery from two. But after the victim found out he had only one Hong Kong dollar (S$0.17), they raped Mr. Myers and killed both his teenagers.

The men smashed Myers on the chin and left him with about 500 cuts on his body. Mr. McBride suffered over 100 injuries to him and was later strangled.

The five men were casual worker Pang Shun-yee, 24, security guard Tam Sze-foon, 20, Cheung Yau-hang, 17, and Chiu Wai-man, 25. , both were waiters. 16 year old chef.

Wong confessed and was detained “at His Majesty’s will” without trial, the South China Morning Post reported. This means that he will be put in prison and will remain there until it is determined that he can be safely released. Reportedly, he was released from prison in 2004.

The remaining four were tried and convicted of murder. Pang, Tam and Chiu were sentenced to death, which was later commuted to life imprisonment. Chan was also detained at the Emperor’s request, but was released in 2007.

3. Hello Kitty Murder Case (1999) Headless body of Hong Kong socialite found: 6 gruesome murders that shocked the city

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