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SINGAPORE: Renowned poet and literary critic Gui Lee Sui reconsiders practice of inviting parliamentarians as guests of honor following widespread criticism of ruling party lawmaker Sim Ang for disrupting live performances suggested it should. event.

Sim Ann found himself in front of a storm after appearing in the middle of the singer’s live performance at the WWF Earth Hour Festival last Saturday (March 25). Instead of taking his seat, the senior secretary of state greeted other attendees seated in reserved seats in the front row, with singers performing on stage a few meters away.

According to Ian Lee, founder of her label Panik Records, the artists who were performing were greatly affected by the incident. Sharing that the singer-songwriter is coming to terms with the “hit” the incident had taken on her, Lee added that several members of the audience were also shaken.

The organizers, WWF Singapore and Esplanade, said they had no intention of disrespecting the performers or the audience, and that when the MP arrived, some members of the audience stood up to greet her, causing the MP to not be seated immediately. showed that

Sim also apologized for his unintentional disregard for the performers and audience on stage and has reached out to the artists involved to clarify the matter.

However, some Singaporeans argued that given that Ms Shim was Senior Minister of State for Culture, Communities and Youth, she should have known better and adhered to proper etiquette, and the apology worked. Could not. (MCCY) he five years.

As Shim came under fire, Dr. Gwee asked if the controversy pointed to the larger issue of inviting politicians as guests of honor to the event.

He said on Facebook on Thursday (March 30):

Prominent Singaporeans like Braema Mathi, founder of MARUAH, and Paul Tambyah, chairman of the Singapore Democratic Party and renowned infectious disease expert, were among those who liked Dr. Gwee’s post.

His comments also sparked online debate about the role politicians play at private events. It suggests that it will be reported.

she said. Having a minister as GOH is probably almost a guarantee of media coverage. Too much in this case. ”

In fact, politicians are usually invited as guests of honor to private events for publicity, networking opportunities, and fundraising purposes. But Dr. Gwee believes event organizers should prioritize guests who are familiar with their event.

In a comment, he said the guest of honor “should be a reasonable person whose accomplishments enhance the event,” rather than an individual chosen for the purpose of the celebration.

The vocalist Singaporean also took issue with the fact that it was on the part of the organizers that undermined the artist’s own performance. In that act, they undermined the event by revealing their priorities. ”

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