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SINGAPORE: A girlfriend who wanted a $2,000+ Gucci bag asked her boyfriend to buy it, even if it meant buying a less expensive proposal ring.

In an anonymous post on popular confession page NUSWhispers, the woman said her boyfriend of seven years had just graduated and made $4,000 a month. “In all these years, I have never asked for an expensive gift. The most expensive item he gave me was a ring and bag that totaled over $700 for our anniversary.” she wrote.

When she came across a Gucci bag, she asked him to buy it for her anniversary. “He replied that he was saving money to buy a nice proposal ring and it was too expensive to do that. Since the proposal is just for showing to the elders and I’m not too interested in the ring on the proposal, I’m fine with a normal ring, i.e. anything under $1,000. I plan to wear it and the proposal ring will likely be in my drawer most of the time.”

The woman added that she felt it was a “good deal” because it would save her boyfriend a lot of money. However, his response was quite the opposite: “I was furious and furious with me, claiming I wouldn’t buy a Gucci bag because I wanted to save money for other things. He said it was his money.” , he said that what he spends his money on is up to him, and if I really want the bag, I can leave it to another man who is willing to buy that brand of bag. “

She added that she felt he was a bit stingy with money, and said that from the beginning of their relationship, they split the cost of the date. “But is this a red flag about his character? I think he was lying and had no intention of spending money on an expensive ring. They will be happy to accept my idea of ​​buying a ring and at the same time they will be able to save money by spending less on rings,” she wrote.

A netizen who commented on her post said:

Earlier this year, a troubled husband took to social media for advice after his wife wanted a branded bag worth three months’ salary. In an anonymous post on the popular confession page SGWhispers, the man wrote: “Recently, my wife asked me to buy her an LV bag and wallet set.

He added that he had tried to convince her that the bag did not suit her and did not match her clothes and style. However, “To my horror, she replied that the reason she wanted it was because it would be about three months of my salary, which is almost the full amount of my 2022 bonus. In any case, I added that it will cost money.” “Investment.”

The wife asked her husband to buy her an LV bag and wallet worth three months’ salary, which she said was an “investment.”

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