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HANOI: Some petrol stations in Vietnam’s two largest cities and neighboring districts have closed or restricted sales this week, witnesses and state media said Tuesday.

Industry and Trade Minister Nguyen Hong Dien said on Friday that Vietnam is not facing fuel shortages and is trying to ease fears after some petrol stations in the southern city cut or restricted sales. .

The state-run Vietnam News Agency reported on Tuesday that some petrol stations in the country’s business hub Ho Chi Minh City have closed or stopped selling petrol, while maintaining diesel sales.

Meanwhile, National Voice of Vietnam Radio reported that several petrol stations in the capital Hanoi were closed.

Photos in state media show long queues of people on motorbikes at petrol stations in both cities.

It was not clear how many gas stations were affected overall, or the situation in most other areas.

On Monday night, on the main road connecting Hanoi and Haiphong, two petrol stations capped petrol sales at VND400,000 ($16.11) per vehicle, or about 17 liters.

The Commerce Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the confusion on Tuesday.

Minister Dieng on Friday blamed the situation on foreign exchange rate volatility and the difficulties faced by some fuel importers accessing credit from banks. But he said the domestic refineries supplying 70% to 80% of the fuel demand are running at full capacity.

The Hanoi-based energy merchant declined to give his name because he was not authorized to speak to the media, but authorities had capped retail prices, and low profit margins forced the retailer to open gas stations. He said it seemed to discourage him from continuing.

According to official data, Vietnam’s refined fuel imports in the first 10 months of 2022 increased by 22.8% from the same period last year to 7.13 million tons, while the cost increased by 123.8% to $7.37 billion. became.

Petrolimex, Vietnam’s largest fuel importer, said in a statement on Monday, “Demand for oil in the region has increased amid recovery from the pandemic, with demand outstripping supply, leading to shortages and higher prices. ‘ said.

Petrolimex Will Buy 8,500-8,900 Tonnes Of 10ppm Sulfur Gas Oil On Market For Expedited Delivery Between 10-14 Nov Via A Tender To Be Succeeded By 1 Nov It is said that

($1 = 24,830 VND) Gas station closures in Vietnam raise fears of fuel supply crisis

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