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There are two approaches to hair transplant, and these are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Each have their own set of benefits and setbacks but when it come to the length of time that it takes to finish and to heal, this factor creates a significant effect on your decision.

FUT or the strip method is considered to be the traditional method for hair transplantation. This process of hair graft removal requires having to take a strip of hair containing the donor grafts from the back of the hair. Once the strip of scalp has been removed the hair grafts are then individually extracted by hair technicians using a microscope as the hair transplant surgeon prepares the recipient site.

In preparing the bald area for the hair grafts, the surgeon creates micro incisions with the proper spacing. The hair grafts are then implanted into incisions making sure that proper angulation and direction is ensured.

For FUE there is no need for a strip of scalp to remove as a means to reduce scarring problems. A thin and hollowed instrument is used to individually extract hair follicles using a punch technique. While the recipient site is being prepared the hair grafts are placed in a solution to maintain its viability.

In some clinics a special machine is used to remove the hair grafts while simultaneously preparing the bald area and the extracted hairs are automatically implanted thereafter. But the same careful techniques done in implanting for FUT holds true for FUE as well.

The exact time that would take for both these procedures to finish really depends on the extent of the work to be done. But generally given similar circumstances, FUE takes so much longer to finish because extra care, skill and a good eye for detail in order to remove each hair follicle successfully. This is to ensure that the integrity of the hair grafts are maintained thus increasing survivability.

But when it comes to healing, FUE heals much faster due to its less invasive nature. There is no longitudinal scar that you have to wait to heal up which is characteristic of the FUT method. FUE only creates tiny scars which easily turns into scabs and would even simply require a week or so to close. But proper care is still important to make sure that the healing process is not disrupted.

The time that the final results can be seen is dependent on the health of the patient and of course the way the integrity of the hair follicles is preserved during extraction whether it is FUT or FUE. That is why it is important to thoroughly discuss these options with a certified surgeon to see which ones actually works best for you.

And it is also essential that you make yourself physically healthy so that the hair grafts can thrive better on your scalp. But what is most important is that you find a highly skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon because this not only determines the length of time to finish, but also the quality of work and the general outcome.

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