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JOHOR BAHRU: A print shop in Johor has been busy preparing tools for various political parties ahead of Malaysia’s general elections.

Shop SunBear Performance saw a 30% increase in orders for posters, banners and t-shirts, with more demand expected as election fever hits the country.

The store’s founder, Ong Yee Heng, said he was looking forward to a sales boom after tasting it in March’s national elections.

“If we are inundated with orders, we can have ready-made inventory of t-shirts, hats, umbrellas, etc. We just manufacture them right away and print the logo,” he said.

Political parties in Malaysia have spent millions of dollars campaigning for the November 19 poll, and many businesses across different industries are looking to cash in on the campaign funds. From T-shirts to umbrellas: Malaysia GE15 means big business for local suppliers, parties splurge on goods

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