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PARIS: On Wednesday (January 4), the French privacy watchdog CNIL announced a €8 million (US$8.49 million) deal for personalizing ads on the iPhone maker’s App Store, citing shortcomings with user consent. announced that he had been fined.

CNIL said in a statement that “the ad targeting settings available from the iPhone’s ‘Settings’ icon were pre-checked by default,” but that was not strictly necessary for the device’s functionality. .

It added that the incident, which dates back to 2021, involved an outdated version of the phone’s iOS operating software.

The lobbying group that filed the lawsuit claims that Apple under iOS 14 was sufficiently clear to give iPhone users prior consent to allow installed mobile apps to collect key identifiers used for targeted advertising. It claimed that it could not be asked for.

After the announcement, Apple said it was “disappointed with this decision” and would appeal.

“Apple Search Ads is superior to any other digital advertising platform we know of by giving users a clear choice as to whether or not they want personalized ads,” the company said. I’m here.

Apple’s privacy update called App Tracking Transparency allows users to block apps from tracking their activity on third-party owned apps and websites.

This fine was higher than the €6 million fine demanded by the CNIL’s top adviser. French Privacy Watchdog Fines Apple for Personalized Ads

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