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The combination of La Niña conditions, which are expected to last until the end of the year, and high concentrations of water vapor added to the northeast monsoon “could possibly cause severe flooding,” said Zulkifli, a professor of environmental hydrology at the University of Technology Malaysia. -Yussop warned.

“If it happened at high tide, the situation would be even worse.”

Shuhana’s challenge is, “There’s a lot to talk about, but what we need in Malaysia is walking the talk.” Sustainability, as she puts it, is “a mindset and a culture.”

She has yet to see a comprehensive solution or “dramatic” change, only short-term measures. “Observing the point where a flash flood is occurring is just a firefighting approach and a very ad-hoc base,” she said.

“We need a long-term strategy[to deal with]these climate problems…why wait for a disaster to happen before we do something?”

That’s a sentiment Selvakumar shares. “I want the government to do something before something happens. Don’t wait,” he said.

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