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WASHINGTON: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has revealed a potential threat to Queen Elizabeth II during her 1983 visit to the United States.

The documents were made public this week on the FBI’s records website.queen elizabeth ii died last September After 70 years of reign.

The Queen visited the West Coast with her husband, Prince Philip, and also stopped in San Francisco in March 1983.

The FBI reported that a San Francisco police officer who frequented a bar popular with Irish Republican supporters received a call in February 1983 from a man claiming his daughter had been killed by a rubber bullet in Northern Ireland. announced that it had received

Documents show the man said he intended to “attempt to harm the Queen” by dropping objects from the Golden Gate Bridge onto the Queen’s royal yacht, or to kill her during a visit to Yosemite National Park. It is said that

Documents say the Secret Service intended to close the bridge’s sidewalks when the yachts approached.

The document redacts the names of police officers and callers, but does not indicate whether precautions were taken in Yosemite or whether an arrest was made.

A memo dated March 7, 1983 stated that the Queen had completed her visit to the United States “without incident” and that “no further investigation was necessary”.

The document detailed other security concerns related to the Queen’s visits to various US cities. In May 1991, when she attended a Baltimore Orioles game with President George H.W. Bush, she saw dozens of demonstrators in the park chanting slogans denouncing British policies in Northern Ireland. rice field. FBI documents detail threats against Queen Elizabeth during 1983 US visit

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