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LONDON – Boris Johnson plans to return to the UK, thinking he’s fearless. try to win a second term as prime minister Just weeks after he was forced to resign, some colleagues warned that his return could cause more political turmoil.

Prime Minister Liz Truss Candidate resigned on Thursday after just six weeks in power, It embarked on a frantic weekend of lobbying to secure enough candidates to enter the leadership contest by Monday’s deadline.

Johnson was vacationing in the Caribbean when Truss resigned, and although he has said nothing publicly about his candidacy for his previous job, he has the support of dozens of Conservative MPs. , 100 nominations must be secured for consideration.

Trade Secretary James Dudridge said on Friday Mr Johnson said he was “motivated” by him and the former prime minister planned to return to the UK on Saturday.

According to Sky News journalists, Johnson was booed by some passengers on the flight to Britain.

It would be an extraordinary political comeback for a former journalist who resigned amid a scandal, but complained that his colleagues “changed the rules halfway through” the campaign.

Former defense secretary Penny Mordaunt became the first candidate to formally announce her intention to run for the next Conservative Party leader, but Johnson and former finance minister Rishi Suak will be on the ballot next week. Leading the leading candidates for

The prospect of Mr Johnson returning to power is a polarizing issue for many in the Conservative Party, which has sacked four prime ministers in six years.

For some Conservative MPs, Mr Johnson is the winner of the vote, able to appeal across the country not only with fame but with energetic optimism.

To others, Mr Johnson is a toxic figure, and the problem is that the dozens of lawmakers who dumped Mr Johnson are now trying to unite the party and turn its faltering fortunes around. It is whether or not you can convince them that you are a person who can do it.

“Death Spiral”

Former Conservative Party leader William Hague said on Friday Johnson’s return was probably the worst idea he had heard in nearly half a century as a party member. “It will lead to a spiral,” he said.

If Johnson secures the number of nominations he needs, he will likely go head-to-head with Sunak. resigned as Minister of Finance in July, His former boss claimed he was unable to make tough decisions.

Mr. Sunak First Leadership Candidate to Reach the 100 Nomination Threshold According to media reports, he will enter the contest before the deadline on Monday.

Mr Johnson is now under investigation by the Congressional Privileges Committee to see if he lied to the House of Commons about a blockade-breaking party. is expected to resign.

The contest to become Britain’s fourth prime minister in four years has been accelerated to just one week. Under the rules, only three candidates will reach lawmakers’ first ballot on Monday afternoon, with the final two going to party members’ votes by next Friday. – Reuters Ex-PM Boris Johnson returns to UK to attempt quick comeback, latest world news

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