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BRUSSELS: European Union (EU) government health officials will meet on Wednesday (January 4) on a coordinated response to the surge in COVID-19 infections in China, the Swedish EU presidency said on Monday. rice field.

and Similar meeting on December 29held online between more than 100 representatives of EU governments, EU health organizations and the World Health Organization, Italy told the rest of the EU to test travelers from China for COVID-19, Urging travelers from China to test, Beijing is ready to lift travel restrictions on January 8.

But other EU members of 27 countries said there was no need to do so, despite China’s decision to ease pandemic restrictions amid a new wave of infections.

“An integrated political crisis response meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 4 January to get an update on the COVID-19 situation in China and discuss EU measures that may be taken in a coordinated manner,” Sweden said. A spokeswoman for the president’s office said. said the EU. EU to discuss coordinated response to China’s COVID-19 situation on Wednesday

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