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Singapore: A disgruntled employer wanted help deciding whether to extend a maid’s contract.

The employer wrote that her helper had been with the family for almost two years but still did not remember her daily routine. In an anonymous post to a support group for both domestic helpers and employers, she said women cannot decide whether they want to extend their maid contracts.

The woman writes that the maid was good at cooking both adults and children. She also said that the helpers were good at cleaning under her direction.

“But I have zero spontaneity. I have to keep telling her what to do when. Not managing her time can ruin her routine, and she’s also very slow at getting work done, so to be honest, I’m not sure if this is done on purpose. I don’t know,” she added.

She asked other members of the group for their opinion on whether the maid’s employment contract should be extended.

Here’s what others have said:

Earlier this year, another foreign domestic helper who initially wanted to cancel his contract jumped at the chance when his employer agreed to let him go home on leave.

In an anonymous post on a Facebook support group, the woman wrote that a helper from Myanmar had been with her family for seven months. Although she had experience working in Singapore, she was hired directly from Myanmar. “So far, we are happy with her and have never scolded her for her mistakes or broken things. There are no restrictions on mobile phones and you have your own room,” she wrote.

She added that helpers came to her and said they wanted to come back to Myanmar to work at the end of the year. She said, “We tried to find out more specific reasons, but she just said that she didn’t want to work here anymore. asked if he wanted to change (as in original) But she also says that we are very happy. Later it turned out that her friend was also returning in December,” the employer wrote.

The maid initially wanted to cancel the contract and return, but she agreed to stay after her employer said she could go back on vacation.

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