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SINGAPORE: An employer who brought in a maid from a foreign country only disqualified her wanted to know how she should proceed.

In an anonymous post to a support group for both domestic helpers and employers, one woman said she brought her maid without an agent. She didn’t disclose how long the maid worked, but she wrote that the helper didn’t seem right.

“If you bring in a helper in person without an agency and you don’t think the person is right for you, ask questions,” she wrote. A woman wanted to know whether her maid should be transferred to another employer or sent back to her home country.

“Are we going to send her back to her home country or transfer her to another school? If we send her back, do we have to pay for the ticket?” she asked.

A netizen who commented on her post said:

Last month, a disgruntled employer asked for help deciding whether to extend a maid’s contract. Her employer said her helper has been with her family for almost two years, but she still doesn’t remember her daily life, she wrote. In an anonymous post to a support group for both domestic helpers and employers, she said women cannot decide whether they want to extend their maid contracts.

The woman writes that the maid was good at cooking both adults and children. She also said that the helpers were good at cleaning under her direction.

Employers say maids must be repeatedly instructed on what to do, even though household chores are on the same schedule each day

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– Advertising ​​- Employer says direct hire maid is not suitable and asks if helper should be transferred or sent home

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